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2023 Spring Conference Presentations

Access Eligibility Process – Karen Gilbert

Access for All – SB1376 , Meagan Schmidt, Ali Poorman

Air Resources Board Update on Regulations – Yachun Chow, Julie Cooper

Ballard-Powered Fuel Cell Electric Buses – Tim Sasseen, Sydney Krueger

Blackcat Training – Intro Only – Rachel Pallister

Building A Better Bus Network – Carl Sedoryk

Building in Resiliency – Rich Tree

Bus Fire Prevention Specialists – Jay Taylor

Buy America, Build America, Build America Act – James LaRusch

Calif Energy Commission – MDHD ZEV Infrastructure Funding – Wendy King

Charge Management Systems – Bill Tonis

Communicating Effectively with Your Team– Peter Johnson

Discounts on Bank Cards/Interagency Cooperation – Olivia Ramacier

Dream it and Build it – Adam Hansen

Electric Bus Charge Management Systems – Alex Guidry

Electric Bus Fire Protection – Jason Davison

Emergency Events Enhancing Agency Resilience – Yuri Koslen

Find the Need, Find the Funds, Find the Solution – Chris Ackerman

FTA Grant Application Development Training – Amy Changchien

Fuel Cell Basics – Sal Llamas

Funding to Build the Future – Adam Hansen

Funding to Build the Future – Combining Multiple Projects to Make a Winning Grant – Jerome Qiriazi

Handouts – Innovative Programs to Attract and Maintain Employees – Kelly Halcon

How To Write a High Voltage Safety Program – Mike Brock

Implementing Coordinated Fares Across Four Transit Agencies – Providing Discounts-Benefits on Bank Cards – Jerome Qiriazi

Implementing Microtransit Technology on Dial-A-Ride Systems – Mengil Deane, Jaime Wright, Richard Tree

Innovative Programs to Attract & Maintain Employees – Valerie Gibson

Innovative Programs to Attract and Maintain Employees – Kelly Halcon

Lessons Learned from Covid-19 and Next Steps for ADA Eligibility Certification – Gracie Davis

Lessons Learned from COVID-19 and Next Steps for ADA Paratransit Eligibility Assessments – Rashida Kamara

Low Carbon Fuel Standard Regulation, Hydrogen, and Fuel Cell Electric Buses – Yachun Chow

Managing Union Negotiations – Patrick Glenn, Gymmel Trembly

Microtransit Technology Implementation – State of the Practice – Jaime Wright

Moving Communities Through Mobility Management Services – Cristy Sugabo

Post-Covid Service Planning – Where Do We Go Now – Carl Sedoryk, Chris Duddy, Britt Card

Public Transit & The Unhoused – Noah J Whitaker

Public Transit and the Unhoused – Alfred Knotts, Richard Tree, Noah Whitaker

Resilience Design & Off-Grid Charging – Sal Llamas

Resiliency in a Zero-Emission World – Amy Hance

Show Me The Money – Gia Vacin, Wendy King

Show Me The Money-Shirin Barfjani

Small Electric Bus Maintenance & Operations – Jeff Hiatt

Solving Workforce Child Care Issues – Eric Cutler

State & Federal Programs Update – Ray Tellis

State Programs Update – Gradinger


The More You Know – Sal Llamas, Luren Skiver

The Road is Wide Open- Inspiring Tales of Career Development – WC Pihl

Transit and the Unhoused – Rich Tree

Vehicle Occupant Safety Review – Lisa Nippolt, Mike Beierschmitt, Nate Boyd, Todd Long

What’s Next for Transit Training in Your Community – Martin Browne

What’s Next for Transit Training in Your Community – Tricia Avila

When Disaster Strikes – Planning & Coordination During Emergencies – Will Schilling

ZEB Programs – Sal Llamas