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Education and Training

Transit & Paratransit Management Certificate Program

University of the Pacific — Westgate Center for Leadership

Over the past year, we have developed a new online version of our top-rated Transit Management and Paratransit Certificate Series. Our goal was not to take what we did in person and duplicate it to the online world, but rather to use our experience and knowledge in transit leadership and harness online technology to create a more
engaged and effective learning experience. Each one-day class is broken into four hours of online learning done at the participant’s convenience prior to the three hours of class engagement with the instructor to discuss, debate and internalize the learning process.

February 25-June 3
8 Friday Sessions
Orientation – February 16

March 17 – June 16
8 Thursday Session
Orientation March 9


  • Overview of Transit Legislation, Regulation, and Policy 
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Designing Innovative Organizations
  • Budgeting and Financial Management 
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Safety Management System
  • Marketing Through Customer Service
  • Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness

Scholarship Information


There are two scholarships available. Eligible applicants include private, non-profit, not-for-profit, and government agencies, their employees and certain affiliates (private sector applicants) who offer passenger transportation services. Full-series scholarship will cover $1,250 of the tuition. Applicable for full series participants only. 

The program provides reimbursement for registration and travel expenses for courses attended by public and non-profit organizations serving rural areas.

RCTC (Riverside County Transportation Commission)

Potential funding to non-profit transportation providers located in western Riverside County.

SANBAG (San Bernadino Associated Governments)

SANBAG offers financial aid for public transit and social service transportation agencies from the Valley portion of San Bernardino County.

Access Services

Eligible applicants include all public and not-for-profit agencies and their employees or affiliates (private sector applicants) who deliver passenger transportation services with the County of Los Angeles. The Joe King Memorial Scholarship will cover 100% of the course fees. Only available during Fall sessions.


Email: Westgate Center for Leadership and Management Development 

Call: 888.439.2867 / 209.946.2956