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About Us

CALACT is a statewide, non-profit organization that has represented the interests of small, rural, and specialized transportation providers since 1984. Our membership is comprised of individuals and agencies from diverse facets of transportation, including operators of small and large systems, planning and government agencies, social service agencies, suppliers and consultants.

CALACT is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors, who volunteer their time and expertise, and managed by a professional staff according to an adopted set of bylaws and an adopted business plan.


Our mission is to promote professional excellence, stimulate ideas and advocate for effective community transportation. We subscribe to the following core values:

  • We help each other
  • We believe mobility is essential to freedom and the quality of life of everyone
  • We seek common ground
  • We promote coordination of funding and services
  • We are professional
  • We are problem solvers, and
  • We promote camaraderie