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California Rural Transit Assistance Program
Rural transit assistance program

CALACT is under contract to Caltrans to implement RTAP in California. Our goal is to make the professional lives of rural transportation providers easier by being the in-state outlet for technical and training materials produced by the National RTAP, and supplementing their program with California-specific technical assistance, management workshops, peer networking and scholarship assistance.

For more information about National RTAP services, visit the National RTAP site or the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA)

California RTAP Benefits

Scholarship Assistance

To reimburse the costs of attendance at conferences, workshops, training courses, seminars and symposiums.

Resource Catalog

Nationally and locally produced training modules and videotapes, sample plans and policies developed by transit operators and consultants to meet state and federal regulatory requirements, and other technical resources.

Management Workshops

Addressing general management issues, personnel policies. leadership, motivation and team building.

Special Workshops

Addressing driver training, vehicle maintenance, emerging federal requirements, safety and other topics.

Driver Safety Roadeos

To reimburse the costs of attendance at conferences, workshops, training courses, seminars and symposiums.

Professional Access

Assistance from transportation professionals on subjects such as accessibility, coordination, vehicle procurement, service contracting, regulations, marketing, passenger assistance techniques, alternative fuels and mobility training.

RTAP Bulletins

Keep up-to-date-on RTAP activities.

California RTAP Objectives

  • To promote the safe and effective delivery of public transportation in non-urbanized and small urban areas of California and to make more efficient use of public and private resources.
  • To foster the development of state and local capacity for addressing the training and technical assistance needs of the rural/small urban transportation community.
  • To improve the quality of information and technical assistance available through the development of training and technical assistance resources.
  • To facilitate peer-to-peer self-help through the development of local networks of transit professionals.
  • To support the coordination of public, private, specialized and human service transportation services.
  • To assist in building a national and state of California database on the non-urbanized and small urban segment of the public transportation industry.
For more information about California RTAP, contact us! You can write, fax, call, or use the contact form, all found on our contact page.