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How to purchase from the MBTA/CALACT cooperative

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    Nome Dickerson

    Note the procedures below are for federally funded purchases only. Items purchased with state, local or other sources are only subject to your agency’s internal purchasing procedures or grant specific requirements (if any)

    1. Request ordering documents and permission to access the CalACT-MBTA procurement, contact or

    2. Develop the Requirements List for the vehicle. (This is an excel spreadsheet provided by CalACT or MBTA. It has a “tab” for each type of bus and lists the available buses, the pricing and the list of any “option features” that are available for that specific model.)

    3. Review the pricelists of at least three buses OR if there are fewer than three listed, the pricelist of all the contractors should be reviewed. Use the Excel spreadsheet to calculate the total cost OR request quotes from dealers.

    4. In addition to price, the agency may consider the following evaluation factors:
    a. Past performance information – This is scored information provided by a CalACT survey and included on the USB provided by CalACT. Or from past performance specific to your agency
    b. Special features of the specific vehicle required for effective program performance at your agency.
    c. Warranty considerations, if any. – Each manufacturer was required to submit its proposed warranty for each vehicle. This information is included on the USB provided by CalACT.
    d. Maintenance or inventory considerations, if any. This is information specific to your agency. (Ex. Consistency with current fleet)
    e. Proposed delivery date – proposed date should be requested from proposed dealer via email.

    5. Contact the selected dealers and obtain a proposed delivery date. Have the date sent to you via email.

    6. Review all of the information and complete the Internal Approval Notice.

    7. Request and receive an executed Assignment Agreement from CalACT or MBTA. Send CalACT-MBTA a copy of the dealer quote that includes floor plan, listing of options and delivery. Communicate any changes to the quote to CalACT-MBTA.

    8. Issue an Order Form to that dealer showing what is being ordered, the total pricing and the delivery date. Provide a copy of this form to CalACT. NOTE: It is important to track the actual delivery date to the proposed delivery date. The contract with each dealer contains a provision for Liquidated Damages (See SP 11. Under this provision, the dealer must pay $100 per business day per bus not delivered on time! It is the Agency’s sole responsibility to track delivery and enforce the contract provision.

    9. Minimum documentation – At a minimum, the file should contain
    a. The electronic copy obtained from CalACT
    b. Letter of Assignment
    c. Pricing for the three products that were considered. (May be generated from CalACT Schedule or requested from dealer)
    d. Internal Notice of Award – Form that shows the name of the proposed awardee including the pricing and the basis for the award. It requires a signature to show that the pricing was considered to be fair and reasonable based on adequate price competition.
    e. A copy of the Order Form showing the amount of the contract and the delivery date.

    10. Prior to receipt of the vehicles, the Agency should obtain copies of the following from CalACT:
    a. Executed Pre-Award certificates for Buy America and FMVSS
    b. Master documentation of Buy America, Purchaser and FMVSS reports from Consultant and Plant Inspection Report. Reports will be available on our Consultant VTC’s website, please contact CALACT for up to date access codes and links.

    11. Following receipt of the vehicles, the Agency must inspect and conduct all required road tests and inspections. (For Federally funded purchases, this includes the FTA required Vehicle inspection and Road Test form.)

    12. Prior to acceptance , the Agency must execute and retain its own copies of the ff:
    a. Post-Delivery Buy America certificate (keeping its own copies of backup docs specific to each order).
    b. Post-Delivery Purchaser’s certificate (After #11 above)
    c. Post Delivery FMVSS certificate
    *Caltrans Subrecipients to follow piggybacking procedures here:

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