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Nome Dickerson

FTA’s EEO Circular 4704.1A provides guidance to FTA grant recipients necessary to carry out Equal Employment Opportunity requirements and prepare EEO Program Plans.

• EEO Circular (PDF)
• Sample Utilization Analysis Chart (Excel)
• Sample Employment Practices Chart (Excel)
• Federal Register notice
• Letter to Grantees: Updated EEO Circular and Certification Questionnaire Information

FTA requires recipients meeting the threshold below to prepare an EEO Program Plan. The program is a detailed, results-oriented set of procedures designed to ensure recipients meet EEO requirements in their agencies’ employment-related matters.

Threshold Requirements

Any FTA applicant, recipient, subrecipient, and contractor who meets both of the following threshold requirements must implement all of the EEO Program elements:

• Employs 100 or more transit-related employees, and
• Requests or receives capital or operating assistance in excess of $1 million in the previous Federal fiscal year, or requests or receives planning assistance in excess of $250,000 in the previous Federal fiscal year.

Agencies that have between 50–99 transit-related employees are required to prepare and maintain an EEO Program that includes the statement of policy, dissemination plan, designation of personnel, assessment of employment practices, and a monitoring and reporting system.

EEO Program Components

• Statement of Policy
• Dissemination
• Designation of Personnel Responsibility
• Utilization Analysis
• Goals and Timetables
• Assessment of Employment Practices
• Monitoring and Reporting