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Notice of Availability – RFP

Basin Transit

The purpose of this joint procurement is to purchase Heavy Duty Transit Vehicles of various types for the solicitation on behalf of Basin Transit and other participants in the consortium. Only those agencies that are listed in Appendix C of the RFP will have the ability to purchase or assign vehicles through this contract and the agencies have provided their needs for the term of the contract. Following contract award, the California Association for Coordinated Transportation (“CALACT”) shall provide contract administration activities related to the joint procurement. However, the resulting Contract may only be issued, modified, or amended by written action of Basin Transit.

ZEB Pre-Proposal Zoom Meeting: Monday, December 11, 2023. 0900 PST. Contact for access link and agenda. Pre-Proposal meeting is for Proposing Parties only and not intended for subcontractor or supplier attendance.

Specifically, the Agency is requesting proposals and pricing for the following types of buses: Heavy Duty Transit Coaches (CNG, Diesel, BEB, FC), Commuter Buses (Diesel and BEB). All documents and updates to the solicitation will be posted on Bids & Proposals – Basin Transit ( after November 17, 2023. Please contact the contracting officer at if there are any issues accessing the documents.