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RTAP Scholarship Program

Scholarships are available through the California Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) to assist rural organizations to further the development of management skills, to encourage the development of professional networks, and to offset the expense of attending transit training, seminars, workshops and conferences. Scholarships can be used to attend programs that focus on issues of concern to rural and specialized transit operations.

Scholarship Application & Post Expense Form

To apply for a scholarship, you must complete the application form at least two weeks before the event and receive approval to attend from CALACT. You cannot incur any expenses prior to approval from CALACT. After you attend the event, you must submit the post-expense form, appropriate receipts, and program summary to CALACT within forty-five days after the event ends.

(Please note that all travel and lodging costs can only be reimbursed at the California State rate.  Please use this link to review state per diem rates.

RTAP Scholarship Application

RTAP Scholarship Expense Form

Scholarship Program
California Rural Transit Assistant Program
4632 Duckhorn Drive
Sacramento, CA 95834
or Fax: 916-920-8021

This form must be submitted with legible receipts and Summary Report within 45 days of attendance, and no later than December 31st of the current calendar year