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Transit Ride Reservation Scheduling Application for Demand Response and Fixed Route – RFP

Tuolumne County Transit Agency

Due: 02/27/2023

Status: Open

The Tuolumne County Transit Agency (TCTA) is soliciting proposals from consulting firms with the qualifications and experience necessary to implement an Intelligent Transportation System (“ITS”) for Demand Response and Fixed Route transit operations. TCTA administers public transportation services in Tuolumne County through Tuolumne County Transit (TCT), which operates fixed route and demand response service throughout the County. Tuolumne County Transit is operated by Storer Transportation through an operator’s contract. The service area is mountainous with inconsistent cellular service in the operating area.


The Project will include new technology to improve TCT day-to-day demand response operations, implement app-based ride reservations by end users, provide real-time information to dispatchers/riders, improve performance metrics by optimizing bus routes, and streamline reporting and analytical purposes. Proposers are invited to demonstrate their qualifications in performing work directly related to the services required by responding to this Request for Proposals (RFP).


TCTA seeks creative proposals from Proposers capable of addressing these desires in a flexible, but foundationally comprehensive manner. TCTA will allow potential respondents significant latitude in their proposal rather than attempting to specify a certain approach or equipment. With this latitude comes the requirement that any proposal provides sufficient detail as to the approach being taken, what the approach delivers initially, what the approach can potentially deliver in the long term and what the projected ongoing licensing and maintenance fees will be.


For more information, please visit, and on the home page, you will see the link to the RFP.