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Design Build Operate Maintain Services for a Hydrogen Fueling Station

Gold Coast Transit District

Due: 04/30/2024

Status: Open

Description of the Work to be Done
GCTD is seeking Proposals from qualified individuals or firms to provide design-build-operate-maintain services for a turnkey hydrogen fueling station whereby the intent is for (i) a single contract to be awarded to the selected Proposer for all design and construction activities, and maintenance and operations services for three years with two option year periods, and (ii) a separate fuel supply contract to be awarded to the same entity or to an entity proposed by the selected Proposer for three years with two, one (1) year option periods. The project will be funded in whole or in part with federal funds provided by the Federal Transit Administration (“FTA)”). Proposers shall comply with all FTA requirements applicable to this RFP. The successful Contractor shall be required to comply with all FTA requirements included as Attachment 4.6 to this RFP including, but not limited to, Build America, Buy America (BABA) requirements, Davis Bacon federal prevailing wage requirements, and all other FTA requirements.

Electronic Submission of Proposal Documents
Proposal documents may be obtained from e-procurement website, OpenGov @

It is the responsibility solely of Proposer to see that its Proposal is properly submitted to OpenGov in proper form and prior to the stated closing time. THE ELECTRONIC BID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WILL NOT ACCEPT LATE PROPOSALS. GCTD will only consider Proposals that have transmitted successfully to OpenGov. Proposers should review the Response Detail Report screen generated by OpenGov and verify Proposal submission. Transmission of Proposals by any other means, except as expressly provided herein, will not be accepted. Proposers shall be solely responsible for informing themselves with respect to the proper utilization of the online bid management system, for ensuring the capability of their computer system to upload the required documents, and for the stability of their internet service. Failure of the Proposer to successfully submit an electronic Proposal shall be at the Proposer’s sole risk, and no relief will be given for late and/or improperly submitted Proposals.

Offer Due Date and Submittal Requirements
Offers must be received by 2:00pm (pst) on April 30, 2024.

Pre-Proposal Meeting Information [Optional]
Proposers are strongly encouraged to attend the NON-MANDATORY pre-proposal conference and site walk on February 21, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. (PST) to receive specific information about the project, the bid requirements and process, and to discuss particular questions that may occur as a result of review of this RFP. The pre-proposal conference will be held at GCTD facility at 1901 Auto Center Drive, Oxnard, CA 93036 (entrance is on Paseo Mercado) and will include a walk of the job site.

Prospective Proposers may not visit the Project Site without making arrangements through the District’s Purchasing Department. Proposals will be accepted from any Proposer who did not attend the Pre-Proposal Meeting.

Clarification and Questions
All questions concerning this RFP shall be in writing and shall be submitted through OpenGov by selecting the Q&A tab prior to deadline stated below. OpenGov will not allow questions after the deadline. Questions sent directly to GCTD Staff will not be addressed and you will be directed to submit your questions through OpenGov.