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Consultant Services to Prepare The 2024 Modoc Short Range Transit Plan

Modoc County Transportation Commission

Due: 03/01/2024

Status: Open

The Modoc County Transportation Commission (MCTC), is requesting proposals (RFP) for consultant services for the preparation of the Short-Range Transit Plan (SRTP)
The SRTP will be funded with State and Local dollars requiring the successful Consultant to follow all pertinent local, State, and Federal laws and regulations.
Total amount payable to the Consultant shall not exceed $84,717.00 and with a performance period of the contract from the date approved by the MCTC through October 31, 2025.
The Consultant’s attention is directed to Appendix A, “Proposal Requirements.”
The proposals submitted in response to this RFP will be used as a basis for selecting the Consultant for this project. Consultant’s proposal will be evaluated and ranked according to the criteria provided in Appendix B, “Evaluation Criteria,” of this RFP.

Addenda to this RFP, if issued, will be sent to all Consultants that MCTC staff has specifically e-mailed a copy of the RFP to and will be posted on the MCTC’s website at
It shall be the Consultant’s responsibility to check the MCTC’s website to obtain any addenda that may be issued.

Submit 3 (3) hard copies and one (1) electronic copy in PDF format on a USB of the proposal. The hard copies and USB shall be mailed or submitted to the Commission prior to 3:00 p.m., March 1, 2024. Proposals shall be submitted in a sealed package clearly marked “MODOC 2024 SHORT RANGE TRANSIT PLAN” and addressed as follows:
Debbie Pedersen
Executive Director
Modoc County Transportation Commission
108 S Main St.
Alturas, CA 96101

Proposals received after the time and date specified above will be considered nonresponsive and will be returned to the Consultant. Any proposals received prior to the time and date specified above may be withdrawn or modified by written request of the Consultant. Unsigned proposals or proposals signed by an individual not authorized to bind the prospective Consultant will be considered nonresponsive and rejected.