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Chief Executive Officer

Golden Empire Transit

The role of the GET Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is pivotal, encompassing various responsibilities crucial for efficient transit management. The CEO oversees budgeting, finance, and efficiency targets, while also leading long-term transit planning efforts. Effective public relations, marketing, and community-building skills are essential as the CEO acts as the face of the organization. The CEO manages scheduling, routing, rates, and safety protocols, ensuring smooth operations.

GET’s CEO serves as a liaison with federal, state, local, and private agencies, emphasizing collaboration and managing contracts. Modern business acumen is vital, spanning personnel management, finance, procurement, and insurance. Prioritizing employee safety and training is also a significant priority.

The ideal candidate possesses a deep understanding of contemporary public transit bus operation management, including scheduling, routing, and maintenance. Leading an autonomous entity and steering functions, including grant applications, are key.

Supervision extends to department heads in finance, HR, marketing, operations, maintenance, safety, and training. The CEO spearheads Transit Asset Management and Safety Plans.

Communication is vital, requiring technical expertise, strategic leadership, and interpersonal finesse. Public interactions need positive relationship-building and conflict-resolution skills. The new CEO will inspire growth and navigate multifaceted duties seamlessly.

This executive-level career opportunity offers an attractive compensation and benefits package. The hiring range is from $213,308 to $241,248, based on demonstrated education and experience. To learn more, review our brochure at To apply, select the Golden Empire Transit listing and upload a letter of interest, resume, and 4 to 5 professional references (preferably supervisory and including each reference’s name, title, email, phone, and relationship to you).

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