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Transit FTA Procurement Courses – Online

The Procurement for Procurement Professionals will provide an in-depth understanding of the FTA procurement process. This course will cover areas such as Conflicts of Interest, DBE Programs, Public Works Procurement, Statements of Work Development, Buy America, Price and Cost analysis, RFP and IFB Best Practices, Architect and Engineering Procurements, and Procurement file Documentation as well as Federal Flow Down Provisions.

Topics include: 

  • Source Selection
  • Government Procurement
  • RFP and RFP Best Practices
  • Cost and Price Analysis
  • Acquisition Methods


Program Format: 
100% Online 
(2.5 hours of self-paced prep work is required + 3 hours of live session)Program Fee: 
$375.00 (includes all materials) 
Level 2 will be limited to fewer participants.