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FTA Triennial Review Virtual Workshops

Triennial & State Management Review
Workshops – 2024
The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is pleased to announce that we will hold a series of
virtual workshops prior to the 2024 Triennial and State Management Review cycle. The workshops will
cover the review process, federal rules, regulations, and FTA policy. They are designed to help
recipients in attendance broaden their understanding of federal rules and regulations that shape
and define their agency’s programs and prepare for their reviews. We strongly encourage Recipient
staff and other transit professionals who have responsibility within their organizations for
ensuring compliance to attend.

Virtual Workshops
FTA will conduct four (4) virtual Triennial Review workshops and four (4) virtual State Management
Review live and interactive workshops. Each virtual workshop will consist of four, three-hour
sessions conducted over consecutive days. You are welcome to register for as many virtual sessions
as you like and have multiple people from your agency attend. If you attend an in-person workshop,
you may also register for virtual sessions. You may also attend if your organization is not
scheduled for a review this year but would like to use this opportunity to prepare for a future
review. Subrecipient staff are encouraged to attend. Also, note that these virtual workshops will
provide an emphasis on the Recipient Information Request (due February 29, 2024) documentation.