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AB 917 Implementation Webinar: Reliable Access to Transit-Only Lanes and Stops

In 2021, the Legislature passed AB 917 (Bloom) [Chapter 709, Statutes of 2021], a bill co-sponsored by the California Transit Association, the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit), and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. This bill builds on AB 101 (Ma) [Chapter 377, Statues of 2007] and SB 1051 (Hancock) [Chapter 427, Statutes of 2016] to authorize transit agencies statewide to use forward-facing camera technology to combat and discourage already-illegal parking in transit-only lanes and stops. AB 101 and SB 1051 previously provided similar, but more limited, authority to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and AC Transit, respectively. During this webinar, SFMTA and AC Transit staff will discuss implementation strategies for AB 917 (Bloom) to guarantee successful implementation of these programs by transit agencies across the state. Speakers: • Julie Kirschbaum, Director of Transit, SFMTA • Shawn McCormick, Director of Parking Enforcement, SFMTA • Claudia Burgos, Director of Legislative Affairs and Community Relations, AC Transit • Steven Jones, External Affairs Representative, AC Transit