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Co-Operative Update

We need to update you as a Consortium member of significant developments in the industry and market for buses. As you may be well aware-serious supply chains, chip shortages, and production stoppages at all the manufacturers are resulting in significant cost increases. The suppliers are applying for Force Majeure relief under the terms of the contract. While we have just begun the process of evaluating the requests, it is likely that a price request may be granted. Be assured that we will ensure that principles of equitable cost-sharing and consistency with the underlying contract will be employed. Since the price adjustments will take place after a contract amendment takes place, it may be advantageous to you to place near-term orders before this takes place.

On another note, there is an ongoing ZEB shuttle and medium-duty (<32’) bus procurement. If you have not signed up and want to participate, please contact us as soon as possible to be added to the scope of work.

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