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Jacklyn Cuddy, Executive Director

Jacklyn comes from the Department of Community Services at Pierce County in Tacoma, Washington. As a program director for the county, she was responsible for the implementation and coordination of several services, including transportation. She served on the Pierce County Coordinated Transportation Coalition, a partnership of transportation providers seeking to improve services through cooperative efforts. Jacklyn served in that capacity for 11 years. Jacklyn also has experience working in social service programs in Southern California. 

Daniel Mundy, Deputy Executive Director

Dan is a graduate of the University of Oregon and began his state career at the Department of Rehabilitation in 1980 working with visually impaired consumers to operate their own business under the Business Enterprise Program. Dan left the Department of Rehabilitation in 1990 to work at Caltrans. He spent the next 23 years working with rural transit operators to identify and develop projects for funding under the various State and Federal Programs that are administered by Caltrans. Dan worked with transit operators and the Department of General Services to develop a state contract for transit buses and vans and administered that program for 10 years. Dan retired in 2008 as the Branch Chief of the FTA Section 5311 program in the Division of Mass Transportation. He is still actively working with rural transit operators as a project manager with CALACT. 

Sheila Cavanagh, Executive Assistant

Sheila is an award-winning, highly motivated, organized, and experienced office administrator with over 25 years of experience in a variety of office-based positions. She has provided solid and essential backup to key positions and projects working with other non-profits, such as the California District Attorneys Association, organizing training throughout the state for Physicians and Forensic Examiners. As Marketing Assistant and later Marketing Manager for Sysco, she coordinated and managed their annual employee appreciation day festival and biannual trade shows. As Office Manager for Environmental Industries, Sheila was sent nationwide to hire and train office personnel for new start-ups.

Accountant/Fiscal Consultant

Miller Consulting, LLC, Accountant