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2022 Spring Conference Presentations

20 Years – Anaheim Transportation Network.ppt

ADA Service Animal and Reasonable Modification Requirements.ppt – Brooks

ADA’s Service Animal & Reasonable Modification Requirement – Segovia

Arc-Flash and Shock Protection Personal Protective Equipment Requirements.exl

Board Communication and Effective Meetings.ppt – West

Bus Shelter Procurement.ppt-Merrick

CALACT/MBTA Bus Procurement Opportunities & Challenges.ppt-Meer

California Energy Commission Med Duty-Heavy Duty Workforce.ppt-Rillera

Common Compliance Issues in Today’s Transit World.ppt-Sarles

Connecting with Caltrans.ppt-Caltrans Staff

Electric Drive System Inspection Video

Energized Electrical Work Permit-Bus Maintenance.exl

Experience from the Field-Training your Workforce for Battery-Electric Buses.ppt -Hall

Forming Local Alliance – Far North Alliances .ppt – Rye

Forming Local Alliances .ppt – Clovis – Hance

Forming Local Alliance- LA County ppt – Mateer

High Voltage Work Briefing Form.exl

How to Produce GTFS Real Time Barriers and Opportunities.ppt-Attari

How to Produce GTFS Real Time Barriers and Opportunities.ppt -Dembo

Improving Rider Choice Through Technology.ppt -Kamara

Improving Rider Choices.ppt -Haack

Improving Your Riders’ Choices – Introducing New Technology.ppt-Craig

Leadership & Beyond.ppt – Melleady

Maintenance & Training on Zero Emission Buses

Maintenance Training ZEB – Zirges

Management Procurement in a Post Covid World – Glauthier

Bus Shelter Procurement – Merrick

Public Transit and a Post Pandemic New Normal – Bogren

Recruiting Bus Operators – Espy

Recruiting Coach Operators – Bergkamp

State & Federal Update

The Importance of Real-Time Alerts – Kraatz

Transit Equity & The Commitment to Title VI- Cid

Zero Emission Bus Program Basic 101 – Chow

Zero Emission Funding – Where to Get It and How to Find It – King

Zero Emission Infrastructure – Battery Electric Buses – Stites & Del Campo

Zero Emission Infrastructure – Battery Electric Buses – Ackley

Zero Emission Infrastructure-Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses – Bhakta

Zero Emission Infrastructure – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses – Skiver

Zero Emission Infrastructure – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses = Cordero